Self-Guided Workshop: VMware Tanzu for…

Self-Guided Workshop: VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations (HOL-2433-02-MAP)

Self-Guided Workshop: VMware Tanzu for…

๐Ÿงช Lab: Unlock the full potential of Kubernetes with our self-guided workshop on ‘VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations (HOL-2433-02-MAP)’. Over a 1 hour and 30-minute session, available in both English and Portuguese, this workshop offers an in-depth exploration of Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations (TKO), a revolutionary tool designed to simplify, secure, and accelerate modern app delivery at scale. This lab is perfect for those seeking a consistent approach to container deployment, scaling, and management across various cloud environments. Key Features: โœ… Tanzu Standard Runtime: Dive into the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid for simplified installation and automated multi-cluster lifecycle management across different…Read More

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