Explore VMware Data Services Manager –…

Explore VMware Data Services Manager – Self-Guided Workshop (HOL-2407-01-SDC)

Explore VMware Data Services Manager –…

Link To Lab: https://via.vmw.com/SGWLink Welcome to the VMware Hands-on Lab ‘VMware Data Services Manager – Getting Started (HOL-2407-01-SDC)’. This lab is a gateway to understanding VMware Data Services Manager, a pivotal tool for database management in vSphere environments. Guided by lab authors Kim Delgado and John Nicholson, this lab is designed to bridge the gap between IT security needs and developers’ need for quick, self-service database provisioning. You’ll navigate through the lab’s modules, each offering practical experience in different aspects of VMware Data Services Manager: 📚 Featured Lab Modules: Provision and Manage Databases on vSphere as a Developer (30 min, Advanced) Simple Database Management at Scale (30 min, Basic)…Read More

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