A Customer view on virtualization.

Mikael Korsgaard Jensen

I have been a VMware Customer for many years. I started working with VMware virtualization in 2003 virtualizing my Server environment. In 2007 I started out with Virtual Desktops also based on a VMware solution. I have been appointed VMware vExpert in 2010, 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020, 2021,2022 and 2023. I am also a former  Co-Leader of the Danish VMUG.

On this site I will try to give my take on VMware solutions.

Part of this site will be from my old Danish Blog translated to English or something close to English.

Going to VMworld?

Just a few thoughts about the Conference

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The Wonders of vSphere

We began to virtualize our Datacenter in 2003. We were struggling with the same problems as so many other companies at that timeā€¦ The size of our Datacente. The Datacenter was about filled. We had problem with cooling and with getting sufficient power. The Datacenter was build for Tower Servers and at some point the Tower Servers was switched with Rack Servers introducing the challenge with getting power and cooling.

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It's that time of the Year...

VMworld is just over the horizon.

Registration is open and Early Bird pricing ends on June 6

and the Content catalog should be available June 21.

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The end of the C# Client

VMware has announced that the C# Client will not be a part of the next version of vSphere.

What is the consequence of that decision for us admins? For a little while the embedded client has been available as a fling. This Embedded client is intended to be the tool for administrating the ESXi host directly without vCenter. The fling is now a part of vSphere 6.0 Update 2. As long as the ESXi Host web service is running we are able to administer the Host. My concern is that in the past I have seen Hosts where the web service has crashed but where I was still able to connect to the host with the C# Client and I don't want to loose this option.

The Web Client has been much improved in vSphere 6 but in my opinion it is still not stable enough or fast enough. What really annoy me is that the status of running tasks is not updated fast enough compared to the C# Client.

Hopefully the new HTML5 Client is coming to the rescue. It is available as a fling but not yet full featured.

I hope that VMware gets this new Client fully ready very fast. It is very promising. If you haven't tried it out do yourself the favor and get started.