vSphere Thick Client End of Life – A Look at…

#vSphere Thick Client End of Life – A Look at the HTML 5 Client Fling #h5client

vSphere Thick Client End of Life – A Look at…

On May 18th VMware announced the end of the road for the C# vSphere Thick Client. The next version of vSphere-the thick client-will not be available. VMware has been building up to this moment and previously announced they wanted to move to a web based client to have maximum comparability and mobility. The current versions of the vSphere thick client will remain supported (5.5, 6.0) until their end of life cycle. So what does the future look like for the vSphere Client? VMware will keep the existing Flash web client and introduce the HTML5 based vSphere Client. The Flash web client will remain so third party developers can migrate their plugins over to the long term HTML5 client.

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