TGI Kubernetes 106: Flagger – Advanced…

TGI Kubernetes 106: Flagger – Advanced Application Rollout

TGI Kubernetes 106: Flagger – Advanced…

Come hang out with Josh Rosso as he does a bit of hands on hacking of Kubernetes and related topics. Some of this will be Josh talking about the things he knows. Some of this will be Josh exploring something new with the audience. Come join the fun, ask questions, comment, and participate in the live chat! This week we’ll be looking at flagger ( This tool enhances application rollout capabilities by provide release validation and configurable routing strategies. – 00:00:00 – Welcome to TGIK! – 00:02:05 – Week in Review – 00:19:00 – Flagger Introduction – 00:24:32 – Contour Deploy – 00:28:26 – Flagger Deployment – 00:53:06 – Canary Test (success and failure) – 01:16:12 – A/B Test – 01:29:59 – Summary and Wrap-up TGIK…Read More

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