It’s that time of the Year….

It’s already that time of the Year again… VMworld is just over the horizon. Registration is open and Early Bird pricing ends on June 6 and the Content catalog should be available June 21.

This is going to be my 12th VMworld and as always I’m really looking forward to it. For me the sessions isn’t the biggest part any longer. For me the most important part is now the networking and the chance to talk with some really amazing people. The hole community is very open and welcoming so even if it’s your first VMworld don’t be afraid to approach the Guru’s. They are almost always ready to help you and answer your questions. VMworld is a great opportunity to mingle with your peers and there is a lot of value to gain from visiting the Solution Exchange. Plan what sessions you want and when you hit the barrier where you just can’t process more information take a break and visit the Solution Exchange or try out a lab.

If you should run in to me then please come and say hi 😀


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